Old Memories

My Son had two appointments today at the hospital. He had to get an echo done at imaging and then he had a weight check. It all went well. We don’t get any results back from his echo until a few days from now but his weight check went well. From January to March of this year, they didn’t like that he had only gained 4 ounces. So we have been going back every single month since then to make sure that he’s gaining weight. He got sick last week so he lost a little bit of weight but he started gaining weight again after his fever went away.

Anyways, we don’t normally sit around in the hospital, we always just go to his appointment and leave. Well, today, since I had to pay for 4 hours of parking because we have exceeded the 2 hour limit to pay $3 and we’ve been there for 2 hours and 9 minutes, I decided to make use of my $5 that I now had to pay and relax in the dining area while my son napped and I had lunch. As I sat there, I was reminiscing about the all the days that I went down to the dining area to pick up lunch. Our NICU provided us meal tickets for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Let me just say, we saved a lot of money during the time our son was in the NICU because that’s all we ate. Hospital food. But our hospital food was really good. I’m not sure if its just because Hawaii is a melting pot and there’s blended cultures of foods here or the chef is just a really good cook, but I would go there just to eat the food if I wanted to.

The view of the cathedral from the Dining Room at Kapiolani Hospital.

As my son napped and I ate my lunch, I was looking around and the dining room has not changed at all. I even saw the cleaning lady that would come into my sons NICU room everyday to sweep and mop the floors and to clean the sink and counters. It brought back so many memories. As I sat there, I kept on thinking of ways to help out the NICU community. With COVID-19, it’ll be difficult because of all the restrictions but it definitely won’t stop us.

This beautiful view of the cathedral is amazing. I was able to see this view from my the room I delivered in, from the dining room where I would occasionally have my meals and from the floor my son was on during his stay in the NICU. A memory forever.

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