NICU Stories

Jusaiah at only a few minutes after birth getting ready to go up to the NICU.
Born at 30 weeks and 2 days.

Justen and Maraiah’s NICU Story

At only 30 weeks and 2 days, our little baby boy Jusaiah was born. He was only 3 lbs 12.9 oz of pure love. It was the most scariest time of our lives because he was still so small but also the greatest time of our lives because our baby boy was born.

Bohdi Thomas, born at 30 weeks and 3 days.

Ashlee Thomas’ NICU Story

At my 25 week prenatal appointment, my OB did his usual ultrasound and found that Bohdi had ZERO amniotic fluid around him, when he hooked him up to the monitor he was having decelerations of his heart rate so he told me to get to kapiolani immediately, that we would most likely be delivering upon my arrival. To say I was absolutely terrified would be the understatement of the year, I cried all the way down into the lobby and into the parking garage. Two aunties, asked me if I was okay and I told them I wasn’t. During all the scary covid times they came over to me and prayed … (continue reading).

Brayson Lee, born at 32 weeks and 2 days.

Elizabeth Rhodes’ NICU Story

I got pregnant in May 2020. Everything was going good. I had my gender reveal and found out I was having a boy. I was struggling to gain weight but here was no concern until I got later in my pregnancy. On November 30th I went to see a specialist and they told me my baby had IUGR. I was so scared. They told me I would only be able to make it to 30 weeks if I could even make it that far (I was 27 weeks at the time). I had two non stress tests every week and an ultrasound every week. On January 4th I went for a non stress test and his heart rate was dropping, I also had protein in my pee. I was rushed to the hospital where they told me I had developed preeclampsia. I couldn’t deliver at the hospital near me. I had to go to one 45 minutes away. I was rushed there and his heart rate was going all over the place and they decided it would be best for me to have him. I had him via c section on January 6th at 6:28 am. At 32 weeks and two days. He was 3lbs 5oz and 15.75 inches. I named him Brayson Lee. He was in the nicu for 46 days. He was on a cpap and then he was on a nasal cannula and then room air. He had a feeding tube in for most of his stay.

Standafer twins, born at 34 weeks and 5 days.

Sonora Standafer’s NICU Story

My twins were born at just 34 weeks and 5 days. It doesn’t seem like too far off of a full term pregnancy but when there are two little babies being created inside you, you know they can use every extra minute, hour, or day left inside you to develop as much as possible.

Being a Mom of Multiples(MoM) you know instantly there is a huge chance that your babies will need to be in the NICU. Now that in itself if scary, but this was extreme circumstances. With the COVID-19 pandemic still keeping safety precautions heightened for safety of everyone this made things extra scary…(continue reading)

Leinik Ayau’s NICU Story

3 years on Sunday, 4/18/2018- at 25 years old I was 23 weeks pregnant with spontaneous fraternal twins. I woke up to contractions and immediately drove myself to the hospital. Informed that I was in active labor- a whirlwind of doctors and nurses came surging in trying to develop a plan to save my babies, and myself. 
I think to save myself over the years, I’ve blocked out some of these memories- but their story needs to be shared in order to help the next Mama out there.

A neonatologist came in with these somber eyes, and I knew what she was going to say. “We’re looking at a 30% survival rate- and that will not be without severe deficits.” I was lost, broken and scared for their lives. 
Born via traumatic caesarean, my keiki(children) were born weighing in barely over a pound each…(continue reading)

Cromwell babies

Lauren Cromwell’s NICU Story

I’ve had 3 babies in the NICU, and quite possibly a 4th this fall. However, my experiences were difficult to me, but I know they are a blessing compared to most others’ experiences.

My 3rd bio baby, Briella, was born at 32 weeks gestation. Due to intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), she was the size of a 29 weeker, weighing only 2lbs 14oz. She was so skinny because her placenta and umbilical cord were not doing their jobs, and she looked sick. But other than size, she was thankfully perfectly healthy. Briella needed to grow and learn to eat without special assistance, and when she did at 37 weeks gestation, we got to bring her home. During her stay, however, I also had my 4 bonus kids and 2 bio kids at home who needed me, and no one would help us…(continue reading)